about us

Locally born Ohn Sophearith PHLOK and Tim BLONDEEL from Belgium, receive you with a mix of hospitality and warm, local traditions. They have a treasure of information for their guests.

Ohn was born in Roulous, a beautiful and authentic village about 12km from Siem Reap. At the age of 11 she moved in with her sponsor family from Belgium and France living in Siem Reap. She was raised, went to school and knows the city and surroundings by heart.

Tim was born at the sea, in Knokke-Heist and went to school in Bruges and Gent. During his 6 years service as a manager for a Panos shop (bakery-snack bar chain in Belgium) in Antwerp he travelled throughout South East Asia. He has visited Cambodia regularly since 2004, giving him an in-depth knowledge not only of this amazing country but others in this part of the world.

“We work independently and live amongst the Cambodians; we enjoy good contacts with them. As a ‘mixed’ couple we integrate well with people from different cultures and we know what appeals to them…” – Tim.

“By living here we know the region very well. Besides the temples we want you to discover the traditional and authentic Cambodia, something most traditional travel organizations and travel guides cannot offer you. We do this by exploring the smaller villages in the rice fields and making contact with the local people living there…” – Ohn.

We can assist you in English, French and Dutch. And off course we know the local language, Khmer, so you can really communicate with our people.